What's Going On Here?

I really enjoy writing (I run a dozen blogs and websites as the sole writer and completely at my own expense) about a range of topics ranging from the cyber-ethics of AI and similar technology to a recipe blog. (I'm actually a good cook, name me a geek that doesn't enjoy their gourmandising) and . . . - look, here's my Newsstand which is a tiny news aggregator for all my public blogs, you'll soon see what my topics are, and I hope they resonate with you because I really enjoy the interactions with every one of you readers/commenters out there.

You can also get that newsfeed in a weekly newsletter if you prefer. If you want you can email me at my Protonmail address. And scroll down because there's more to read down there that I think you'll enjoy.

My blog posts are about sustainable and activist topics. Activism needn't be overt brick-throwing shouting and yelling, and in fact it's better when done by emailing, petitioning, informing, and promoting. (Such as by sharing my posts, hint hint...) And my posts are designed to start you thinking, show you things I've discovered, and generally they're about cleantech, sustainable energy, carbon sequestration / reduction, plastics and recycling not just plastics but every kind of waste, using our resources in sustainable ways, using technology to create net improvements in the climate situation, and also living a little bit closer to our sources rather than allowing us to lose sight of where everything we wear, eat, use, live in, get around in, or are involved in.

I also develop and build machines that help recycle or re-use waste stream stuff and am always looking for tech that already does this, too. So I'll keep you up to date - and beyyoonnnddd! - with such stuff. Most of it's getting published on the PTEC3D blog so go take a look there.

It's not meant to be THE solution to plastic and other pollution, just a way to keep as much waste out of the whole waste cycle as possible until "EvilCorp" gets their asses kicked and told to recycle or cease production. Since plastics can be recycled dozens of times if done the right way, that menas keeping some of it out of the waste stream for a decade or longer . . . That has to help, right?

And I'm an evangelist for that sort of technology, EVs and H2Vs, solar energy, wind energy, newer better CLEANER ways of doing them. And advocating action against governments and corporations (same thing really I guess?) that want to keep making money off exploitation. I blog about food fraud, shrinkflation, companies doing shonky things, and besides writing about it I'm never shy to sign petitions, write to local and federal ministers, write to corporate CEOs and other officers high up their ladder because - if you don't say something, they'll never know how much their actions piss us off.

Lastly, I LOVE food and especially cooking it. I have a recipe blog where I write up recipes I've created based off 60+ years of moving around the world and finding great recipes in every place I've been and every friend I've made with a family recipe to share, and I've created riffs on all of them and published them on TEdAMENU Tuckertime.

I'm asking people to support my endeavours with donations (or even by helping with research and writing if you have a pet topic that fits my topics, or taking a partial design I have and building and documenting it so it can be shared with you my readers) because it takes me subscriptions to read much of the news I write about, it takes me days to research a topic (luckily I can research several topics at a time for efficiency's sake) and then I have server fees, domain name fees, some software and news sites need subscriptions, and then I have the research, design, and development of the machines. - When I have the time. Argh!

But the one thing you can take away from this is that every donation - no matter what amount or denomination - is welcomed and valued because it allows me to keep my pension for the things it's meant for, food, rent, transport, and so forth. Also please consider subscribing to my newsletter, it doesn't monetise me but it means you'll know once a week what I've been up to.

Additionally, I have a presence on my PTEC3D Ko-Fi page where I post all my models of things I've 3D printed available for a small fee, please be advised that they're also available for free on Printables.com and Thangs.com and quite possibly on the Creality site and some also on Instructables or even the now much less preferred Thingiverse. In effect, buying the models on Ko-Fi is a way that you can make a small donation in return for the model.

Also I do take commissions for short and medium length blog articles or fiction stories you'd like written, and they're currently priced at a point that I'll have to revise upward soon because they take a LOT of my time away from my core activities.

Make Donations

I have my Paypal account and that is Paypal Me teddlesruss if you prefer to use that.
(I'm only using my personal account temporarily, if it ever transpires that I have a need to do so, I'll start separate bank, Paypal, Stripe, &c accounts and change all links to that instead)

I also have two Ko-Fi accounts but only use one of them (PTEC3D Ko-Fi page) and that's where I put advance articles (IF I ever get enough time to scratch myself and then figure out a better scheduling scheme) and special content from the Making, Recycling, and Tech etc. Only if things pick up I'll fire up the second account for the other topics.

My Topics

Hehehe this is a bit like "my pronouns" (he/his BTW but I am not much for labels, we is what we is and that is always humans f1rst and foremost, generally nice and worth chatting to second) but back on topic, I guess I should lay the list out.

And regarding that prior to last point - I've seen and admired some really great makers out there for their really innovative builds and/or techniques. As I make my machines and tools for recycling plastic, I'm sharing. Because some of the things I do are, I reckon, a bit different and may help someone else engineer around a problem.

I'd love to do video content but a) it's way beyond my budget and b) I may have some camera presence but I also have COPD/emphysemas and lose my voice after a sentence or two in a row; and most importantly c) I don't know if what I do needs video. Maybe one day. . .

The losing voice thing also precludes podcasts, and the respiratory issues are only one of several annoyingly restrictive conditions that combine to render me a disability pensioner. Not gonna get into cheugyboomer wailing and chest beating here, there's no point really - it is what it is.

But that also gets into why I have to ask for donations. Life on a pension, in Australia, is hard. The pension is recognised as being well below the acknowledged poverty line (and people on income support and unemployment benefits are even worse off, so if you know someone in that situation, help them before you even just think of donating here please) and that means that I have maybe $10/mth to spare for Purchasing parts and materials. I do surveys and focus groups to supplement that and be able to finance some of my costs but mostly it still comes out of my own pocket.

I'm also the unpaid carer for my wife, so much of the housework falls to me, some cleaning, the laundry, and - my actual favourite! - cooking.

And in between that, I write between 10 and 30 articles for the various blogs every few weeks. An article takes a few bursts of research, planning, and writing, depending on how deep or complex the subject is. Just finding good subjects to write about takes time and means I need to read my way through a load of news sites. I can't afford a scheduling suite such as Buffer so scheduling is also manual.

With the advent of DALL-E Mini, CrAIyon, and DALL-E 2, it's become possible to task AI to generate the seeds of artwork for the blogs so that I can add graphics to otherwise visually unappealing pages. Not kidding, I've begun teaching myself art package skills and so now that also takes time to do, but I do end up with images that are copyright-free so that's one less cost.

There are domain names and server fees associated with this, too. I pay those out of my own pocket and that's why I only have about $5-10/mth left over for parts. Leading to:

Design and develop the recycling tech. Yep. I've bought stuff to make things that are helping me to reduce one's carbon abnd eco footprint. This is by far the biggest outlay I have, and it's significant. I've managed to collect the parts for projects, but I have to really shop around for parts. Usually this means China, a six to eight week lead time. When I get halfway through a project and then have to shelve it for two or sometime even four months, that's frustrating.

But through managing birthday money, I was able to buy one of the cheapest 3D printers on the market, and that only because a double sale event that let me get it for 2/3 of the normal price - and it's proven to be the most useful tool. But when I don't have birthdays, I do surveys. Yep, for 20c - $2 per survey, whenever there's a survey comes up, I do it. It earns me an average of $20 per month that I can put towards stuff. Because I really want to do these things and share them.

And also, recycle stuff. This means collecting plastics, looking for a place to actually DO some of this at a community level and not just on my veranda, and of course processing plastic to make stuff. So far I've come up with a few techniques for simple home recycling plastics but I can only do one of the methods at the moment because I need other equipment and currently all my spare cents are going into making a CNC machine so I can make sturdier parts for existing machines and develop new ones.

I currently collect all my household plastics of recyclable types - HDPE, LDPE, PP, (and soon to be PET as well) and have a few people who know what I'm doing who drop their plastics off here for me. But there are literally 1,000 times more sources available to recycle - if only I can get the resources to make a community recycling hub. And just getting those resources takes time away from my core activities. So two ways to deal with this, I can ask people to donate some time either with things like blogging, helping design and build prototypes, publicise, organise - or come here to this (admittedly lovely) part of Victoria and pitch in with the physical work/legwork.

This is why make the plea. I really have no intention of squandering it on unpronounceable coffees and smashed avo on wholemeal rye pumpernickel toast with a lightly poached egg. I have far more pressing needs for resources for the projects I'm juggling. The only difference it makes in my life situation is that I will no longer have to pay several hundred dollars a year for domain name and server hosting fees, I might be able to put that money towards buying a subscription to a scheduling service, or buy advertising to make people aware of what I'm doing and get them reading the blogs and downloading the designs and actually doing some of these things themselves. So please - do consider making a donation or even support that with a monthly sponsorship via the PTEC3D Ko-Fi page.