So much to do . . .

I've tentatively called the project RCX. It sounds good, is easy to remember, and remember I said about a public image and identity? It seems to work for me, and it's important to have several elements of public identity in place right from the beginning. The circle is made to subconscioulsy link this project to Precious Plastic without stomping all over their colour scheme and font, but it establishes a kind of common theme that should work for both organisations. I haven't as yet spoken to One Army or PreshPlast about this but it's on my list of things to do. If they object I'd like to just make all the logos square with the same colour scheme and font, but I'm already up to my ears in little tasks that I'm trying my best to keep on top of.

Which brings me to another thing, that of actually having people to move things along. I'm one person, I'm no longer a spring chicken, I have mild disabilities affecting my physicality and I can't do everything.

Although there are plans to monetise RCX at some stage and make it non-profit or a charity, (Now there's a task for someone to undertake already, work out what would work best for our purposes) for the moment I'm funding what I'm doing entirely out of my own pocket and not making anything from any recycled items I sell, that all gets ploughed back into more parts and machines and what-have-you for developing more for RCX.

So without further ado, here's a (SHORT...) list of things I can think of that people could put up their hand for: