What is RCX-AU?

RCX is what I hope will one day become a "Freechise" that will spawn a lot of similar sites and gather them together under the RCX-AU heading so that they're all easy to find and access, and share what each centre has learned.

The idea behind going small-scale is that, well - I felt that large-scale hasn't been scoring many goals, has it? It's not a priority for larger corporations to have to spend money cleaning up the mess we've got. But I figure that we can do things at community level, to volunteer, to develop ways to use the waste plastic, and to use any income generated to educate others to use less plastic, waste less.

Also, working at the cottage industry / community project level brings the concept of recycling to the community, provides education about waste recycling and management, and if there are enough little projects going, make a dent in local waste.

I've done some research and experimentation and much of it's really quite simple to do, so I'd like to share and help set up a small facility here in my town. I'm trying to fund this out of my own pocket and with income from blogging and selling advertising, affiliate links, and sponsored posts on my network of relevant blogs that I've been writing - for over twenty years some of them.

I'm at the stage where I desperately need sponsors. I'm paying domain name annual fees, server hosting monthly fees, bearing the costs of the parts and components for the equipment I'm developing for recycling on small scales.

There's also maintaining the software these blogs and websites run on, attend to optimising them for higher search rankings so that more people will find them, and hunting for suitable things to affiliate link, join various affiliation schemes, and try to find sponsors.

I also need to find time to actually do R&D to make the machines, and then use them to recycle things and turn that into instructions, notes, and plans that people at other RCX-AU projects can use to make the machines and then use them.

And then to put the icing on the cake, I try to publish between 3 and 12 articles a week (!!!) that each take between a few days up to a few weeks to research and write and even get a few written ahead of time so that I can scale back the writing.

So the things I'm most looking for are collaborators that know about maintaining web sites and hosted servers, writing general articles, and SEO; developing small scale machines and creating how-to articles; managing contacts and creating a web forum for RCX-AU; managing sponsors and funds for a NFP open source community project; general discussions and idea generation; and even direct donations of anything that might be useful.

Also, to find out more, contact me by email or (preferably) first going to the News Stand where all the places I write are listed and kept updated for you, and has a newsletter and newsfeed service where you can subscribe to any or all of the posts and sites.

Here's a bit of what I'm doing already and a bit further down the page I'll put links where you can help. I hope though that YOU'LL help to manage the waste / pollution issues currently facing the planet but in YOUR community and at a level that YOU and YOUR community can manage.

I hope that with RCX's help, you'll be able to help spread a message to others - and get them involved and thinking about these things and also getting involved.

As we've seen, once we become aware of such issues, we're pretty good at managing them.

The hope is that every person you direct here, will start becoming part of a global awareness, and part of a solution, at their location.

RCX is still in its infancy - for now there's just this page and a few scraps of information scattered around but it's growing support on the ground, but there'll be a few links sprouting...

You'll notice that the logo is reasonably close to Precious Plastic's logos, this may become a problem so I'm also looking for people who are better than my Paint.NET crayon skills...

RCX Links:

Find out a bit more:

What Does RCX Do? (Hint: We're always busy. . .)
What Similar Organisations Do (Compare us to other recycle projects.)
A Table of Plastic Types (And which ones we can use.)

Contacting Me:

For the moment please email Prawntech3d or text 0491 075 808 (phone is generally unattended but leave a text) - email's probably quicker.

Also bookmark here and check back. Latest update 25/Jan/2022