Thank You For Your Support!

By assisting with any amount whatsoever that you can spare, you're helping me to develop and build small inexpensive solutions to recycle plastic waste into new and useful items. The plans and designs are released as free open source and anyone can do whtever they want to with the plans as long as they mention where they obtained them from. This means more people can find out about RCX; More people can develop a small scale plastic waste recovery operation / business completely free using the machines and techniques I've developed; And more people can join me in ther development, documentation, programming, publicising, and education. So - you donation is going to help make quite a lot of good things possible.

Also, go to the News Stand where all the places I write are listed and kept updated for you, and a newsletter service where you can subscribe to any or all of them on a weekly or twice weekly basis and you can find links to contact me so if you'd like to get involved in any other capacity please feel free to contact me.

To help me develop the machines, help others set up small scale operations/businesses, and keep up with workshop costs, you can go to my Ko-Fi pages and buy a single cup of coffee, or become a monthly member or mega-member.

Alternatively you can PayPal me any size donation you want, please mention RCX in the note if possible.


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